NSGIC Awards

Celebrating 25 years of facilitating smart policy, partnership-building, innovation and professional growth

NSGIC was formed to provide a unified voice on geographic information and technology issues, advocate for states' interest and support its membership in statewide initiatives. Through the decades, NSGIC members have led the way in the creation of intelligent maps and databases that enable public and private decision-makers to make better informed and timelier decisions in a wide array of governmental areas. With our annual presentation of awards, NSGIC recognizes the highest levels of public service leadership, commitment and contributions to the greater geospatial community.

Geospatial Excellence Awards

Geospatial Excellence Award: Champion
Geospatial Excellence Award: Catalyst
Geospatial Excellence Award: Innovator

To be considered for a Geospatial Excellence Award, an individual or organization must meet at least three of the following criteria:
  • Creates a sustainable partnership or initiative that returns significant benefit from geospatial technology across multiple organizations
  • Documents measured improvement in implementing a state or national spatial data infrastructure
  • Advances the 'create it once, use it a bunch' credo for efficiently delivering valued geospatial data and services across a broad enterprise of users
  • Benefits the whole nation through sharing of innovation or establishment of best practices
  • Champions the involvement of all state data infrastructure or national data infrastructure stakeholders
  • Promotes NSGIC's goal of efficient and effective government through increased, prudent adoption of geospatial technologies

Service Awards

Lifetime Service
Recognizing a "lifetime" of noted, dedicated and distinguished service to NSGIC, generally awarded at the conclusion or transition point of an individual's career

Outstanding Service
Presented to an individual or organization that has advanced the national spatial data infrastructure and promoted NSGIC's goal of efficient and effective government

Award Recipients

2016 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Tony Lavoi, NOAA, Department of Commerce
Andy Rowan, State of New Jersey
Nathalie Smith, Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc (esri)
Kathy DeMarco, NSGIC Association Manager
Craig Johnson, Louisiana Geographic Info Center
Phil Worrall, Indiana Geographic Information Council, Inc.
Randy Mayden, North West Geomatics Ltd.

2016 Geospatial Excellence Award Recipients

Catalyst Awards
Georgia Association of Regional Commissions
Jim Dove, Allen Burns, Brent Lanford of the Georgia Association of Regional Commissions

Catalyst Award
The Alaska Geospatial Council

Catalyst Awards
VITA Integrated Services Program - Kenny Brevard, VITA ISP

Catalyst Award
Joan Delos Santos, Hawaii Office of Planning

Catalyst Award
Sean McSpaden, Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office

Catalyst Award
Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium

Champion Award
Ed Fogels, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

Champion Awards
Utah Mapping & Information Partnership, Executive Steering Committee
Amanda Smith, Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Robyn Pearson, Utah Department of Natural Resources

Innovator Award
West Virginia State GIS Technical Center

Innovator Awards
Wisconsin Legislative Technology Services Bureau
Jeff Ylvisaker and Tony Van Der Wielen, WI LTSB

2015 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Richard Butgereit, State of Florida
Boice Tomlin, Run Skip LLC

2015 Lifetime Service Award

Stewart Kirkpatrick, State of Montana

2014 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Dr. David Cowen, University of South Carolina
Dr. Tim De Troye, GISP, State of South Carolina
Jeff Smith, State of Ohio

2014 Lifetime Service Award

Will Craig, Minnesota

2013 Lifetime Service Award

Gene Trobia, Arizona

2013 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Cheryl Benjamin, New York
Sean McSpaden, Oregon
Tammy Peterson and Tim Crago, North West Group
Tim Trainor, U.S. Census Bureau
Tom Roff, U.S. Department of Transportation

2012 Lifetime Service Award

Randy Fusaro, U.S. Census Bureau

2012 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Ian Von Essen, Spokane County, Washington
Leland Pierce, New Mexico

2011 Lifetime Service Award

Stu Davis, Ohio
Mike Mahaffie, Delaware

2011 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Danielle Ayan, Georgia
John Copple, Sanborn Corporation
Dan Cotter, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Bert Granberg, Utah
Steve Lewis, U.S. Department of Transportation
Justin Sherin, Booz Allen Hamilton
Tom Sturm, U.S. Geological Survey
Mike Vanhook, Alabama
Dan Widner, Virginia

2010 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Malcolm Adkins, Michael Baker, Jr., Inc.
Ed Arabas, Oregon
Chris Diller, Wisconsin
Susan Fox, NOAA
Rich Grady, Applied Geographics

2009 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Michael Byrne, California
Learon Dalby, Arkansas
Jon Gottsegen, Colorado
Christian Jacqz, Massachusetts
Diane Schafer, NSGIC

Lifetime Service Award

Dennis Goreham, Utah
Zsolt Nagy, North Carolina

2008 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

James Cason, U.S. Department of Interior
Shirley Hall, USDA
Vicki Lukas, USGS
Mike Mahaffie, Delaware
Craig Molander, Surdex Corporation
Ivan Weichert, Kansas

Lifetime Service Award

Ted Koch, Wisconsin

2007 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

David Brotzman, Vermont
Will Craig, Minnesota
Anne Hale Miglarese, Fugro EarthData
Kenny Miller, Maryland
Miki Schmidt, NOAA
Fred Stringfellow, NSGIC

Dedicated Service Award

Carol Brandt, US DOT

Distinguished Service Award

Ivan Deloatch, USGS

2006 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Nathan Bentley, Idaho
Shelby Johnson, Arkansas
Stewart Kirkpatrick, Montana
Milo Robinson, FGDC
Jill Saligoe-Simmel, Indiana
Alan Voss, Tennessee

Distinguished Service Award

Scott Cameron, Department of the Interior

2005 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Tim Haithcoat, Missouri
Bruce Oswald, New York
Stan Ponce, USGS
Cy Smith, Oregon

Lifetime Service Award

Rick Memmel, Wyoming

2004 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Bob Ader, BLM
Mike Domaratz, USGS
Bill Johnson, State of New York
Mike Ouimet, State of Texas
Tracy Tucker, AMR

2003 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Pat Cummens, ESRI
Greg Tilley, VARGIS
Leslie Wollack, NSGIC Washington Liaison

Lifetime Service Award

Bill Burgess, Maryland

2002 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Stuart Davis, Ohio
Randy Fusaro, Census Bureau
Doug Hart, Prism Computer Corp.
Rick Miller, Kansas
Zsolt Nagy, North Carolina
Tony Spicci, Missouri

2001 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Susan Lambert, Kentucky
Craig Neidig, West Virginia
Joe Sewash, Tennessee
Marshall Turner, Census Bureau
Lynda Wayne, GeoMaxim

2000 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Glen Daigre, Louisiana
Bruce Joffe, GIS Consultants
John Moeller, FGDC
Gene Trobia, Arizona
Bruce Westcott, Vermont
Dick Witmer, USGS

1999 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Tom Clemons, Intergraph
Jack Dangermond, ESRI
Catherine Foss, CMA
William Holland, Wisconsin/GeoAnalytics
Ted Koch, Wisconsin
Win Lyday, NACo
Barbara Poore, FGDC
Karen Siderelis, North Carolina
State of Wyoming: Governor Jim Geringer,
Nancy McCann, Rick Memmel

1998 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Bill Burgess, Maryland
John Caulkins, ESRI
Paul Davis, Mississippi
Sheryl Oliver, Illinois
Lisa Warnecke, GeoManagement Associates

1997 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Sharon Balfour, Louisiana
Rick Memmel, Wyoming

1995 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

Hank Garie, New Jersey
Dennis Goreham, Utah
Georgia Hopf, Wisconsin
Nancy McCann, Wyoming
David Stage, Florida