NSGIC Conference Grants

Deadline for submission for the Midyear Meeting has been extended to January 20, 2017
Deadline for submission for the Annual Conference is July 30, 2016


Provide funding to those most in need of financial assistance to participate in NSGIC conferences, and to increase participation by states that have not been active in NSGIC. This will provide a more complete and balanced "voice of the states", which is the essential element of the NSGIC mission.

Each NSGIC Conference includes two round table State Caucuses, on the first and last days of the conference, where state and local government members will meet in private to further refine NSGIC's position on its priority issues. Attendance for at least one of these sessions is required for grant recipients. Please be sure to consider this requirement prior to submitting a grant application.


Notice of the grant opportunity will be sent out to the NSGIC listserve at least 60 days prior to the conference event. Applicants will complete the online application form that will include the following:

  • Requested level of funding
                - Full funding for travel, hotel, registration, per diem, or
                - Partial funding (e.g. travel and per diem, but not registration)
  • Applicant will provide estimates of variable costs such as travel.


NSGIC Staff will coordinate with all grant recipients to assist with travel arrangements and hotel accommodations in an attempt to reduce travel related expenses. In order to fund as many eligible applicants as possible, grant recipients are asked to minimize as many expenses as possible. As meals are provided on each day of the conference, additional meal expenses are not covered through this grant. Additionally, grant recipients are asked to share hotel accommodations whenever possible. This room sharing may be pre-arranged by the applicant, or NSGIC staff can pair with another appropriate applicant. Alternatively, applicants who prefer NOT to share a room are welcome to pay half of the room charge on their own.

The application must include the following information:

  • Indication of whether the applicant represents their state's GI coordination body, including a letter of support from the state GI coordination body, if applicable.

  • Past history of membership and involvement by the application and/or the applicant's state in NSGIC, if any, including past conference attendance.

  • Short description of why they would like to receive the grant.

Selection Process

A committee will evaluate all applications and make recommendations for grant funding to the Board of Directors. The Board will have the final decision authority on grant funding. The committee will rank them using the following criteria:

  • Known or expected attendance by other representatives from the same state, with higher priority given to applicants with no other expected attendees from their state, and higher priority given to those who represent their state GI coordination body.

  • Past history of involvement in NSGIC by that state, with higher priority assigned to states that have not participated in the most recent annual conferences.

  • Evaluation of description of need/benefit offered by the applicant.

  • Level of funding requested (higher priority given to partial funding requests).

The committee will forward its recommendation to the Board. The Management Company will notify all applicants of the Board's decision. No notification will be made to the NSGIC membership at large about the number and identity of grant applicants and recipients.