Data Sharing Work Group Library

The following documents were collected by the members of the Data Sharing Work Group as reference materials for the publication of their Data Sharing Guidelines.

State Data Sharing Guidance

Minnesota - Making the Most of Geospatial Data Exchange: A Guide for Data Distribution
North Carolina - Ten Recommendations in Support of Geospatial Data Sharing

Federal and International Data Sharing Guidance

FGDC Guidelines for Providing Appropriate Access to Geospatial Data in Response to Security Concerns
European Commission - Open data: An engine for innovation, growth and transparent governance

Legal Documents and Challenges

Supreme Court of Wisconsin Case No.2005AP1473; 2006AP174; 2006AP175

Related Guidelines

South Carolina - How Address Points Can Be Used

Data Sharing Applications

Apps for Democracy for the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Technology Officer

Studies and White Papers

Borders in Cyberspace: Conflicting Public Sector Information Policies and their Economic Impacts
Privacy and Public Land Records: Making Practical Policy
RAND - Mapping the Risks: Assessing the Homeland Security Implications of Publicly Available Geospatial Information
South Carolina - Geospatial Preparedness Case Study: Graniteville Train Wreck
The Economic Contribution of Ordnance Survey GB

External Links (web content managed by others)

ROI Methodologies and Best Practice Recommendations

            An Empirical Methodology
Case Studies/Results

            King County, WA
            Land Information New Zealand
            Lake County Florida - GIS Case Study
            Return on Investment Case Study of Iowa One Map
Projects (Data Sharing)

            Geospatial Platform
            Homeland Security Information Network
            Spatial Land Information Platform

            Open Data Consortium
Articles and Blogs

        Feeding Bureaucracy While Starving Democracy: Government Abuse of Copyright
        Free Our Data: Make Taxpayers' Data Available to Them
        Issues in GIS Data Sharing
        San Francisco Passes First Open Data Law
        To Charge or Not to Charge
        The value of Danish address data: Social benefits from the 2002 agreement on procuring address data etc. free of charge
        White Knights of Spatial Data Infrastructure: The Role and Motivation of Key Individuals
        Why should government spatial data be free?
        The Flawed Economics of Closed Government Data