Historical Advocacy

1992 - State, Local and Regional Coordination of Geographic Information and Technology: Status, Models and Effectiveness Explored

1992 - Improving State/Federal Coordination of Geographic Data

1992 - Financing State Geographic Information and GIS Initiatives

1993 - The National Spatial Data Infrastructure: A Model for Enduring Public Partnerships

1994 - Establishing a Framework for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure

1994 - National Digital Orthophoto Program - Draft

1998 - Comments on a NAPA Report: Geographic Information for the 21st Century: Building a Strategy for the Nation - Draft

1998 - Adopt-a-Fed Initiative: Summary/Progress Report - Draft

1998 - NSGIC Resolution on NAPA Study - Draft

2000 - NSGIC & URISA Position Paper: GIS Community Participation in the NCEES Model Law Task Force

2000 - Resolution of NSGIC Support of the OMB Information Initiative Collecting Information in the Information Age

2001 - Resolution of NSGIC NSDI Framework Creation Partnership Remedy - Draft

2002 - Saving Lives and Saving Money: An Urgent Call to Build the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Support of Public Safety: A Declaration of Independence

2003 - House Testimony - Oversight Hearing on Geospatial Information: A Progress Report on Improving Our Nation's Map-Related Data Infrastructure

2004 - State Priorities for Effective Federal Agency Coordination - Draft

A Partnership Agreement in Support of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure - Draft

NSGIC Resolution - USGS Leadership in the Development of a Sustainable Framework: Undaunted Courage: A History of Exploration & Mapping
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