Listserv Use Policy

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It is the mission of the NSGIC Communications Committee "to promote the timely and effective collection and dissemination of information of importance to the NSGIC membership, Directors and Officers, sponsors, and partners, in support of NSGIC organizational goals and policies." To accomplish this mission, NSGIC has developed several communications channels, including email listservs, a website, and a presence in social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

The NSGIC Board of Directors supports the use of the email listserv(s) to collect and disseminate information that is relevant and timely for our members. The State Representatives listserv shall not include persons who are not dues paying members. In the past, the use of our listservs has been self-policed by the membership, and content has been professional and appropriate. This policy formalizes NSGIC’s expectations and practices surrounding its email communication medium.

Postings to the NSGIC listservs should:
    (a) Be clear and concise;
    (b) Support the goals and policies of our organization; and
    (c) Be professional, courteous, and relevant to our membership.

Posters of questions are asked to summarize results and post them to the list for other list members who should refrain from using the ‘Reply to All’ function when responding to the original question.

The NSGIC Board of Directors does not condone the use of its communications media and email lists for the advancement of private enterprise, where the value of the NSGIC listserv(s) and their members are leveraged for non-NSGIC benefit. If the use of our listserv(s) is abused by any member or member organization, their access to the listserv may be restricted or revoked.
With that understanding the Board of Directors approves the following uses of the email listservs:

    (a) All NSGIC-related business as determined by the staff, Officers and Directors;
    (b) Voluntary on-line survey requests that are directed toward NSGIC and its primary public sector constituents of "states, commonwealths, territories, protectorates, tribal affiliations, and similarly recognized civil jurisdictions”;
    (c) Job announcements and recruitment of potential employees for public sector organizations represented by the membership;
    (d) Requests by members to obtain focused and timely information from their peers to assist their own efforts; and
    (e) The distribution of news and educational materials that are relevant to the geospatial community.

The NSGIC Board of Directors feels that more appropriate resources exist in other venues to advertise geospatial career opportunities in the private sector and to promote products for business purposes.

Approved by the Board of Directors on January 30, 2012; amended January 28, 2013; amended November 24, 2014.

NSGIC Listserv Descriptions

All NSGIC Members:
this listserv has the broadest membership, and includes all member representatives, including state, local, regional, federal and tribal government member representatives; academic and non-governmental organization representatives; and corporate members representing commercial enterprises. Messages sent to this listserv will reach the widest and most diverse audience of NSGIC members.

State Representatives:
This listserv is limited to the principal State Representatives (typically one per state) representing states holding a current NSGIC membership (NSGIC also strives to include states which are not dues-paying members). Additional representatives from a state who are active in NSGIC may request membership in this listserv through their current State Representative subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Messages sent to this listserv will reach State Representatives only.

NSGIC Board:
this listserv includes members of the Board of Directors, Officers, Staff and committee chairs and co-chairs only, and is used strictly for Board business and communications.

Committees and Work Groups:
certain committees and work groups have established listservs which are restricted to members of those groups.

Coastal Caucus:
this listerv includes NSGIC members and other federal, state and local government representatives that have an interest in applying geospatial technologies to coastal management issues.

To request membership in a NSGIC listserv, please email your request to

All NSGIC lists are "Private" and any attempt by a non-member to subscribe to one of these lists, or by a member to subscribe to an inappropriate list, will be rejected by the List Administrators.