News Release Protocol

NSGIC News Release Criteria and Guidelines

It is recommended the organization issue a formal news release, and/or update the weblog or website, whenever appropriate, to highlight one of the following actions:

  • A new NSGIC action or activity is performed (such as a conference, meeting attendance, presentations, awards, etc.)
  • A tangible deliverable product or publication is released (such as grant reports, white papers, etc.)
  • A new Board member is added, or board election results, committee actions, referenda, etc.
  • NSGIC participates in a public event sponsored by a non-NSGIC organization

General Considerations

  • NSGIC reserves the right to review and edit NSGIC-related information in the final version of any document before its release.
  • Due to NSGIC's organizational neutrality toward specific member and member product/services NSGIC is reluctant to:

Provide supporting quotes that endorses specific companies
Provide supporting quotes that endorses specific corporate products or services
Be part of a release that compares member companies
Be part of a release that has unsubstantiated claims

Review and Approval Process:

  • Initial drafts and news release requests should be directed to the Communications Committee, via management staff.
  • The Communications Committee will seek input/comment from other committees and the Board as appropriate.
  • All news releases require approval of the NSGIC President prior to release. The President may delegate this authority.

News Release Requests from NSGIC members or partners may include the following:

  • A mention of NSGIC or NSGIC activities in a member/partner press release.
  • A supporting quote from NSGIC in a member/partner press release.
  • A joint press release between a member/partner organization and NSGIC.

News Release Request Requirements:

  • Each request should reflect a specific topic or public relations activity related to NSGIC's organizational goals.
  • All requests must contain a draft of the press release, any suggested quote (if applicable) and expected announcement date.
  • Individuals mentioned in NSGIC announcements should be attributed using the member's name, title and affiliation, e.g., Joe Smith, Director, State of Mind.

Supporting Quotes

NSGIC is happy to provide support to its members and partners by participating in media outreach and press release activities. Parties interested in working with NSGIC to issue a joint press release and/or to obtain a supporting quote for a press release should contact NSGIC's management firm at NSGIC will recognize all press releases as confidential prior to release. NSGIC reserves the right to tailor or edit a quote prior to release.

Joint News Releases:

NSGIC is happy to participate in joint news releases with partner organizations when appropriate. NSGIC will treat joint news releases as if they are NSGIC news releases, but will work closely with the partner organization on any suggested changes.

News Release Distribution

  • Completed news releases will be distributed as PDF documents via e-mail to those media organizations listed on the NSGIC Media List maintained by management staff.
  • Completed News Releases will be posted on the NSGIC web site and will be summarized (with links) on the NSGIC Blog.