Advocacy Letters and Responses Received

Big Data and Agriculture: Innovation in the Air regarding NAIP

NSGIC's June 2016 letter to Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management

DOI regarding the USGS Liaisons and NWI Budget Cuts

NSGIC's April 2014 letter to DOI
DOI's January 2015 response

DOI regarding the addition of a National Address Database to the NGDA

NSGIC's September 2014 Letter to DOI
DOI January 2015 response

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposed Rule Change Docket No. CFPB-2014-0019, RIN 3170-AA10

NSGIC's October 2014 response

Census Bureau RFI YA1323-15-KB-0003

NSGIC's January 2015 response

Support for New Hampshire House Bill 377

NSGIC's February 2015 letter

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency on Sustaining the HSIP Program

NSGIC's March 2015 letter to NGA

Imagery for the Nation Support

NSGIC's September 2015 letter to FGDC Steering Committee

Support for DHS Geospatial Management Office

NSGIC's September 2015 letter to DHS
DHS March 2016 Response

National Emergency Number Association on the National Emergency Address Database

NSGIC's December 2015 letter to NENA

FEMA RISK Map 2016 Spring Maintenance Cycle

NSGIC's March 2016 Letter to FEMA