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Browser Compatibility

This site is designed to use the DHTML features designed into Internet Explorer 4 and later versions. As a result, differences may appear on the site depending on what browser you use. Users who select Netscape Navigator will not be able to see some of the effects provided by Internet Explorer, but all information on the site including security features are available.


NSGIC features an online Conference Registration System and an upcoming membership registration feature. Because of the nature of these systems, it is necessary to transmit credit card and other personal information across the internet. All credit card and personal data is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) prior to submission.

The website server is a shared server that provides 128-bit encryption of data. To ensure that the security features of this or any other site are active, right click in the window prior to submitting your data. In Netscape Navigator select Info or Frame Info. If using Internet Explorer select Properties and then Certificates. The resultant windows will tell you what security feature, if any, are currently enabled.

Further questions regarding the security of this site should be directed toward the Webmaster.