Sponsoring a NSGIC Workshop or Webinar

Platinum Package Sponsors (CLC Members) are entitled to host one Workshop each year at the NSGIC Annual or Midyear Conferences. They are also entitled to host one Webinar per year. Workshops are typically held on the first or last day of the conferences, and NSGIC reserves the right to determine the length of each workshop. Gold and Silver Package Sponsors may also host one webinar each year. Webinars can be scheduled at any time during the year and they typically run 60 to 90 minutes. To schedule a workshop or webinar, please follow the instructions below.

1) Submit a completed Workshop/Webinar Form to the Conference Committee chair (Tony Spicci).
2) The request will be added to the agenda for the next Board meeting (generally the last Monday of each month).
3) The completed form will be distributed as part briefing materials package prior to the Board.
4) The Board will vote to accept, reject or modify the request. If accepted, the date will be established.
5) The Conference Committee Chair will confirm the approval of the request and date with the contact after the Board call.
6) The Conference Committee Chair will coordinate with SMG and the requester to finalize the details.
7) The event will be promoted via NSGIC's listservs and other outreach channels as appropriate.

Note: Workshops are approved on a "First Come - First Served" basis. The completed request form is required to lock in the time slot -- not a verbal "I would like to do ---." The completed request form is the essential first step. Without it there will be no consideration of the request by the Board.