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GIO Spotlights

NSGIC's Corporate Leadership Committee (CLC) began interviewing the NSGIC State Representatives in July 2013, to learn more about personal side of the State GIOs and GIS Coordinators. The individuals that you meet at a conference, talk to on the phone, or trade messages with, can become much more interesting when you get to know the actual 'person.' This is a voluntary activity for the GIO's, but we hope to complete the interviews by December 2015 for all member states.

2013 Geospatial Maturity Assessment (GMA)

The GMA is a baseline assessment conducted every other year to monitor and validate statewide geospatial capabilities. Each state is asked to complete detailed questions that characterize their geospatial programs. The 2015 information is available. The GMA will be updated by the states during the Fall of 2017.

Please Note:
You can see the original survey instrument here (PDF).

2013 State Address Survey

The Address Committee surveyed each state during 2013 to obtain detailed information on the status of efforts to create statewide address files. You can click on the link provided for each state on the map above, or download the state-by-state results (PDF), a summary file of all responses (PDF), or a spreadsheet that you can use to analyze the results for yourself.

State Clearinghouse Sites

The Clearinghouse Network is a community of distributed data providers who publish collections of metadata that describe their map and data resources within their areas of responsibility, documenting data quality, characteristics, and accessibility. Each metadata collection, known as a Clearinghouse Site, is hosted by an organization to publicize the availability of data within the NSDI. The metadata in these nodes is searched by the portal to provide quick assessment of the extent and properties of available geographic resources.

State Coordination Offices

Most States have identified an individual or office to coordinate the statewide development of geospatial technologies. The scope of some is limited to just State government agencies, but many are responsible for coordinating across the entire geospatial community.

State GIS Committees

Most states have GIS Committees that aide in the coordination process. In some cases, they are limited to just state agencies, but most include representatives from multiple sectors of the geospatial community.

U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts

QuickFacts tables are summary profiles showing frequently requested data items from various Census Bureau programs. Profiles are available for the nation, states, counties, and places.

Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedia

Links are provided to profiles of each U.S. state that provide crowd-sourced information on numerous topics.